Car and vehicle insurance

Got one car? How about two? A van, ute, or motorcycle? Don’t forget the caravan, trailer or your beloved boat. Our vehicle insurance options make sure you’ve got your vehicles covered, at the level of cover that suits you.

You’re entitled to a free look period of 30 days from the start date of your car and other vehicle policy. If you decide the cover is not for you within the free look period, please call us on 0800 809 378 and we’ll refund any premiums you’ve paid.

  • Car


    We reckon you should be able to choose your cover type, just like you choose your car. Find the fit that suits you, from full cover to third party.

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  • Motorcycle


    If there’s one thing people are passionate about, it’s their motorbike. We cover scooters too – with three levels of cover to choose from.

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  • Caravan & Trailer

    Caravan & Trailer

    Insure against theft or accidental damage, including cover up to $1000 for the things you carry inside your caravan.

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  • Boat


    On or off the water, your boat, trailer and its other essential elements are insured for recreational use.

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