Split Home Loan

Do you want the best out of your home loan? A split home loan gives you both certainty and flexibility.

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4.49% p.a.*special rate *

4.85% p.a.*special rate *


*Conditions apply. Click here to view all our Home Loan Rates and conditions.

Whether you've got short, medium or long term goals our latest special home loan rates could be right for you!

What's more, you can split your home loan across any of these special rates and any of our standard fixed and floating home loans. To work out the combination that best suits you and your lifestyle, have a play with some numbers with our Split Home Loan calculator or contact us today: give us a call on 0800 177 277 or visit request a call back.

What's a split home loan?

The most flexible interest option is to have some of your home loan on a floating interest rate and the remainder on a fixed interest rate. This is called a split home loan and has many great benefits.

What are the benefits?

It’s flexible and smart

• you can pay the floating portion as fast as you like without additional cost
• the floating portion of your loan provides you with the flexibility to redraw on your loan, whatever need may arise
• it could save you even more on interest if you mix and match with our Choices Everyday or Choices Offset home loan

Certainty for peace of mind

• the fixed portion of your loan will give you certainty as you’ll know your repayments for that fixed portion will not change for the whole fixed term
• for your fixed portion you can select and mix terms from 6 months to 5 years to fit your budget
• you can lock in the fixed rate up to 60 days before you draw down your loan or your existing fixed rate expires

See how splitting your home loan might work for you with our Split Home Loan calculator. You could be surprised how much a split home loan might save you.

Next steps?

Lock a fixed rate in today?

If you’re keen to lock in one or more of these special fixed rates for 60 days (once you have your draw down date sorted), simply apply for your home loan today! It doesn’t cost any extra to take up the rate lock, and it means any change to this interest rate during that 60 day period won’t affect you^.

Simply give us a call on 0800 177 277 or visit request a call back to lock in a rate today.

Thinking about switching to Westpac?

In an ever-changing environment, our split home loan offer could provide the best of both worlds: the certainty of regular repayments with the fixed portion while still having the flexibility to pay off lump sums when you want with the floating portion.

So whether you're ready to buy a new home, want extra cash to do up your existing home or if you’re after a great home loan to suit your changing needs, now’s the perfect time to switch to Westpac.

Already have a Westpac home loan?

That’s great because our latest split home loan offer is available to all our customers, new and existing. 

To take advantage of our special split home loan offer, contact us today for a chat and we'll help structure your home loan to suit your needs.

 ^A fee may apply to break or change a rate lock agreement.