Manage your home loan

Keep an eye on your home loan, and adapt it as your life changes. There are lots of ways to manage your home loan and make it work for you.

  1. Fixed rate rollover

    Fixed rate rollover

    What happens when your fixed rate period ends and what options are available.

  2. pay it off faster

    Pay off your mortgage faster

    Tips on reducing interest costs so you can get that home loan paid off sooner

  3. clip board

    Early repayment

    How you can change the structure of your loan, including early repayment and break costs

  4. interest rate decrease

    Reduce your repayments

    Whatever your reasons, if you need to reduce your loan repayments we’ll help you find the best way to do so

  5. interest rate increase

    Increase your loan

    Topping up your loan or redrawing is often a quick and simple way to free up some cash when you need it most