Your iPad mini

Congratulations on your new iPad mini from Westpac!

Being full of exciting features, the iPad mini really packs a punch for a lil’ guy. There’s loads of apps, like the Westpac Mobile Banking app, available on the App Store for you to explore and enjoy.

We’re here to help get you going, pass on some great tips and have you enjoying your new iPad mini in minutes.

Great apps

Did you know you could turn your iPad mini into a massive library, a creative artbook or a personal weather guide? Well with apps like the Amazon Kindle, Kyoto and the Weather Channel you can.

But with hundreds of thousands to choose from, where do you start?

Firstly, get the best banking experience using our Westpac Mobile Banking App.

Here’s our top 5 picks to get you started…

  1. Google Search App search engine at your fingertips
  2. Calculator for iPad free App - believe it or not, iPads don’t come with a built-in calculator so this app is a must 
  3. TempleRun App – the latest gaming addiction
  4. FlipBook App – combines your social media feeds into one simple place
  5. App Protection Pro – allows you to lock sensitive apps without locking the whole phone

But there’s so much more and the best place to go explore the world of apps is at the App Store where you can turn your iPad mini into almost anything.

Tricks and tips

Once you’ve been through the basics and feel comfortable using your iPad mini, check out these cool tricks and tips to really make the most out of your iPad mini experience.

iPad mini tips and tricks using iOS
Saving battery

Help/ Warranty

Apple iPad mini help

Please call 0800 692 7753 or visit for any queries on you Apple iPad mini.

Warranty & Service

Please visit Apple Support for any queries regarding your product warranty or any problems with your iPad mini. Your iPad mini serial number is all you need – no receipts or paperwork.

Westpac Help

If you need a hand with setting up your Westpac Online Banking call us on 0800 400 600.