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1. Choose a specialised savings package

Choosing the right savings account now will help you grow your deposit. Sign up for HomeSaver, our special savings and home loan package, which could help you fast-track your savings. It includes coaching throughout your home buying journey, a $1,000 first home cash booster at drawdown, and you'll get preferential treatment for low equity conditional approvals.

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2. Think about other savings options

Depending on your home buying plans, we also have a range of other savings accounts that offer flexibility and a good rate of interest. Find out more about them here.

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3. Do the maths

Sit down with our easy online home loan calculators and work out what you can afford to borrow and what your mortgage payments might be. This will also highlight whether you could be saving a little more each month to reach your savings target.

Salary Splitter

5. Set up Westpac Salary Splitter or an Automatic Payment

Salary Splitter automatically splits your income into different accounts, and keeps your savings separate from your spending money. This is an easy, set-and-forget way to make sure you’re putting a bit extra aside every payday.


6. Monitor your spending in real time

CashNav, our money management app, will help you see where you could trim down your outgoings. It's true: every little bit counts!

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7. Use text alerts

Switch alerts on in Westpac One online banking, to help you avoid going over your budget. Learn more here

Low Fees

8. Save on fees

Have a look at how you can save on fees to make sure you're not paying more than you need to.


9. Watch these Managing Your Money videos

These quick videos give expert advice on saving and budgeting, saving for a deposit, working out how much you can afford, and setting your home buying goals.

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10. Look into low deposit options

If you haven’t saved a 20% deposit, don’t worry – there are other ways you might be able to buy your first home, even with a smaller deposit. Check out your options here, or book a meeting with one of our Mobile Mortgage Managers (either at your local branch or they’ll come to you).