Getting started

There's no one place to begin when you're renovating or building - but we reckon having a well-rounded idea of what the pros and cons could be is a good place to start.

The good and the not-so-good about building a new home


  • you can create the home you want on a section you like
  • everything will be new
  • you shouldn’t have to worry about maintenance for some years
  • new houses are usually a lot more energy efficient.

Things to consider

  • it’s a big job and will require your time even if someone else is managing the project for you – as well as time to complete the build
  • what the resale value would be after the building work is complete (consider building in a manner that’s in keeping with the area)
  • if there are no neighbours yet, could they take your view, sun or privacy when they build?

If you’re renovating, does it add value?

Some renovations that can add value:

  • redecorating that makes a home feel lighter, more spacious and cleaner
  • work that cuts down on frequent maintenance
  • improving kitchens and bathrooms
  • extra living space and indoor-outdoor flow
  • easy-care, attractive gardens
  • better lighting and skylights.

Some renovations that may not:

  • renovations that are out of character with the home and neighbourhood
  • anything that takes something away, such as turning 3 bedrooms into 2, or making a garage into a games room
  • adding unusual features or things most people don’t want
  • turning your home into the most expensive home in the neighbourhood.