To deposit money into a Westpac account from overseas, you can either:

  • Arrange a foreign cheque or bank draft, to be deposited into the account at a Westpac branch
  • Arrange a Telegraphic Transfer (TT).

A Telegraphic Transfer gets the funds into the New Zealand account within two days or so1.

To arrange a Telegraphic Transfer, ask the initiating bank to send the money directly to:

Registered office
Westpac New Zealand Limited
New Zealand

The initiating bank will need the name and number of the receiving account at Westpac.

Depending where it is based, the overseas bank may also ask for the following information:

  • SWIFT code: Westpac New Zealand's code is WPACNZ2W
  • SORT code: the first six digits of your Westpac account number
  • BSB number: the first six digits of your Westpac account number
  • IBAN number: Westpac New Zealand do not use IBAN numbers to receive funds
  • NCC(National Clearing Code): the first six digits of your Westpac account number.

Westpac’s corresponding bank for transfers from American banks is:
JP Morgan Chase Bank of New York, Manhattan New York, USA
Routing Number: 021 00 0021
Westpac Account Number: 0011 910 379

Please note there is a processing fee for Telegraphic Transfers, which will be deducted from the transaction itself (not from the account). See our current fees here.

Things you should know.

1 As per the Terms and Conditions of our TT's: Transmission of funds will occur on the date of your instructions or the next available business day. Under normal circumstances, funds should arrive in the beneficiary's account within 1 to 2 business days. However, Westpac can give no general assurances on the timing of receipt of the funds by the beneficiary. Delays may occur for a number of reasons beyond Westpac's control.