Travel card

Take your Travel card overseas, pre-load some funds, and use it like a credit card but without the monthly bill.

Key benefits

  • it's a safe way to 'carry spending money' when you’re travelling overseas, and is more convenient than carrying cash or traveller's cheques - it has all the convenience of a credit card (but no interest, no monthly bill)
  • use it to buy things online, or where you would normally use a credit card - you will save fees if you're overseas
  • when you use it to make ATM withdrawals (from any Westpac’s Global Alliance machine) you won’t overspend by accident, as you set the amount you’ll load up and therefore have available

How it works

The Travel card works the same way as other Prepaid cards

  • just buy your Travel card from any Westpac branch (they cost $20), load it with your chosen amount of money (minimum first deposit of $50), and load a pin number
  • while you’re overseas, you can top up the card using Online Banking or Phone Banking (or ATMs, or at a Westpac branch if you are in NZ)
  • your card will expire on the date printed on its front.  If there is any unused balance on your account, this remains yours.  You can either transfer that balance to a replacement card (for which a fee of $20 is payable) or obtain a refund from us.

Where you can use it

  • anywhere that Visa is accepted
  • ATM machines in New Zealand online, over the phone, and overseas

TIP: When overseas, get your cash from an ATM belonging to one of the ATM Global Alliance banks, and you’ll pay no international transaction fee - saving you up to NZ$3 every time. Westpac is the only bank in New Zealand to give you this saving. 

Who can get a Travel Card?

  • you need to be a NZ Resident or have a valid NZ Work Permit or NZ Student Visa 
  • you don’t need to be a Westpac customer 
  • if you’re between the ages of 13-17, you’ll need a parent or guardian to sign your application form as well

Minimum first deposit

There’s a minimum deposit (load) of $50. After that, you an upload any amounts you like.

Find out more information on how to top up your card or fees involved

How to apply

Applying for a card is easy – just visit your nearest Westpac branch. You’ll need to bring with you a form of ID, and proof of your address (like a household utilities bill, or a bank statement).