Why New Zealand?

We say, why not?! New Zealand offers a unique way of life in a jaw-dropping setting, as well as career opportunities for immigrants with skills that are in demand. Here’s just some of the reasons our staff, friends and family love living here. 

Landscape and way of life

Lifestyle and people

New Zealand's friendly, down-to-earth people will be one of the things you will treasure most about living or visiting. Whether you decide to dwell in our world-class urban areas or invest in a more rural lifestyle, the people you meet will make you feel right at home.

Kiwis seem to have the balance right for work and play, and rate at the top of many international surveys when it comes to quality of life. Whether it’s the arts, sports, the outdoors or just more quality family time that you value, we believe New Zealand trumps all! 

Geography and weather 

Influenced by traditional Maori world views, New Zealanders have a close and often spiritual connection to the land. 

Picture glistening, clean lakes and rivers, impressive mountain vistas and volcanoes, endless farmlands, dense native forests and fiords, glaciers, and coastline with sandy beaches. It’s all here in one package. 

In terms of climate we don’t really have extremes; just mild, wet winters with snowfall in some parts of the country and warm summers. The weather can change pretty rapidly though as we are essentially small islands in the South Pacific with a mountain range in between. So it can vary from coast to coast. 

Wining and dining

Knowing you can have some of the world’s top food and wine on your doorstep is large draw-card for many. 

With agriculture and tourism as our largest industries it’s no wonder that tasty produce, meats and award-winning wine is bountiful. Pasture-fed lamb, venison and beef are readily available; as well as seafood, dairy, and fresh fruit and veges. There are also a rising number of organic producers. 

To top things off, there’s a growing range of ethnic restaurants popping up, reflecting an ethnically diverse population. And caffeine addicts will be pleasantly surprised at the ‘flat white’ coffee culture we’re proud of. 

Salivating yet? 

Adventure, sport and the great outdoors 

New Zealand’s natural landscape has helped us define our national identity for decades. With only a few hours travel dividing snow and sun, beaches and mountains, forest and cosmopolitan cities, it’s no wonder we’re big on a range of outdoor activities. 

Nearly a third of our land is in national parks or protected areas. This makes it great for tramping (trekking), hunting, camping, picnics and holidays. 

New Zealand has some of the best cycling trails in the world, and there’s even great winter skiing in both the North and South Island. 

If you’re a dare devil at heart, New Zealand thrives on offering a range of outdoor adventures; from Bungy Jumping to canyoning, black water rafting to ‘Zorbing’ – you’ll find plenty to get your pulse racing. Good luck with that! 

Kiwis are known for batting above their weight when it comes to sport. At the 2012 London Olympics we came fourth in the world for number of gold medals per capita.

But boasting aside, many immigrants are attracted to the fact that sports is in our DNA and value getting involved in local activities and teams. 

And of course, there’s rugby! We couldn’t talk about New Zealand, let alone sport in New Zealand, without mentioning our boys in black. The mighty All Blacks have been part of the country’s culture and brand for as long as we can remember.

Rugby is undeniably part of our blood but participation in football (soccer), netball and hockey is also growing. 


‘Must visit’ websites

The following websites could help you understand what to expect from living in New Zealand: 


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Geography and weather 

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Wining and dining

There’s a great overview of NZ food and wine on this site that’s regularly updated:


New Zealand hosts many regional food and wine festivals, including the national Food Show that is an annual event in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Their website showcases our top local chefs, products and industry news.


Adventure and the outdoors

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New Zealand History

The Encyclopaedia of New Zealand offers a historical overview of our relatively new nation:


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