Moving to New Zealand

Pondering a lifestyle move to New Zealand? Or perhaps you have started the process of migrating here already. At Westpac we realise it’s a big decision and there’s lots to organise. Our specialist bankers are here to help at every stage, no matter where in the world you are right now.

  1. Migrant services

    Sorting out your banking and finances before you arrive can be simpler than you think. We can even help you set up your bank account up to 180 days before you step into New Zealand.

  2. Tips for Moving to New Zealand

    We want to make your move to New Zealand as hassle-free as possible. Here are some practical steps you should think about.

  3. Why New Zealand?

    Landscape and lifestyle attract many migrants to New Zealand. But the employment, education and investment opportunities here may surprise you as well.

  4. International students

    Our International Student account gives you control over your money so you can make sure you have enough to pay for your studies, books and living expenses while living and studying in New Zealand.