Going on your ‘OE’

The tradition of the ‘OE’ is a rite of passage for many Kiwis. We can help set up your finances to suit your individual ‘OE’ needs both before and after you head off, so you can make the most of your travel experience.

Saving for your OE

It can be a good idea to take enough money on your OE to survive for at least three months without working. It can be a lot more expensive to live overseas, so enough to survive for three months in New Zealand might not be the same as where you are going overseas. 

Once you have a leaving date and financial goal in mind, we have a number of savings accounts and term investment options that could help grow your savings* towards your OE.

A range of services for travelling

  • Manage your accounts from any internet connection with an Electronic account and Online Banking. If you use your Online Banking while you're away to check your details, you may be more likely to be asked your Online Guardian questions, so make sure you review them before you go.
  • credit card is an easy way to pay and is widely accepted around the world. If you have a credit card, don't forget before you travel to let us know when and where you are going.
  • It helps to have some local cash on hand. We can prepare you with foreign currency.
  • If you need to move money to or from New Zealand, use our telegraphic transfers and drafts.
  • To protect yourself and belongings take out travel insurance**.
  • You can save on withdrawal fees* overseas, if you use an ATM from the ATM Global Alliance
  • A good way to stick to a budget is to pre-load what you want to spend to a Travel Card*.
  • If you are regularly using foreign currency, you might want to open a foreign currency account*. It allows you to bank foreign cash and earn interest without having to convert to or from New Zealand dollars.