Banking in New Zealand

Moving to a new country could be one of the biggest and most exciting decisions you'll ever make. You will need a bank to help the make the moving process easier, as well as offer on­going services and dedicated financial support while you live in New  Zealand.

  1. Banking with Westpac New Zealand

    We offer you the experience of 150 years loyal banking services to New Zealand. We also have international reach and cross-cultural experience through our local banking teams.

  2. Setting up a bank account from overseas

    Sorting out your finances before you arrive can be simpler than you think. You can even set up a bank account up to a year before you arrive.

  3. Home Loans for Migrants

    Our specialist International & Expatriate team can put you in touch with a home loan specialist who can help you choose the right home loan option for you.

  4. Migrant Team

    Planning the big move to New Zealand? An ex-pat coming home? Maybe you have recently arrived and need help with your banking? Whatever your situation we have a dedicated, multi-lingual team ready to assist.