Westpac PayTag®

With Westpac PayTag® you can forget your wallet and make purchases at any contactless enabled EFTPOS terminal with just your mobile phone

The highlights

Introducing Westpac PayTag® - the smart, speedy way to pay. 

Westpac PayTag® is our contactless payment technology that can attach to your mobile phone or case and lets you make payments fast.

How does it work?

Like a contactless card it’s a fast and convenient way to pay for small purchases. Simply hold your Westpac PayTag to any contactless enabled EFTPOS terminal and your payment will be made. You can use your Westpac PayTag for any purchases under the local country limit.

What does it cost?

Westpac PayTag has no charge when issued or replaced (if lost, stolen or expired). 

Westpac PayTag is designed as a companion to your existing Westpac Mastercard product and is available with all of our Mastercard credit and debit cards. ** If you don’t have a Westpac credit card apply now. Or for a Westpac debit card click here to apply.

How do I order a Westpac PayTag?

You can order a new Westpac PayTag by applying for it in branch or calling 0800 888 111.

It's secure

Secure encryption technology makes your Westpac PayTag as safe as your contactless card.

Your Westpac PayTag never leaves your hand when making a purchase.

If you lose your Westpac PayTag, or it gets stolen, you're also covered by Westpac CardGuard™# for unauthorised transactions made using Westpac PayTag and PayPass technology.

Helpful tips

It doesn’t matter which way up the Westpac PayTag is, as long as it’s held up against the terminal screen. Hold the Westpac PayTag there until the terminal says ‘remove card’, ‘processing’ or ‘accepted’ (usually 2 or 3 seconds).

Depending on the type of terminal, a successful transaction could also be signalled by a green light on the terminal or an audible ‘beep.

Note: if the transaction is at or above the contactless limit and you are prompted for a PIN, you'll need to use your credit or debit card to complete the transaction.

Westpac PayTag FAQs

Here are a few FAQs related to Westpac PayTag®. You can find more information on contactless payments here.

Where do I attach my Westpac PayTag?

You can attach your Westpac PayTag to anything including your mobile or portable device.  If you're placing it on a mobile device, we recommend attaching it to the back, bottom end of the mobile for the best performance.  If you have a mobile case or sleeve, simply attach it to the exterior of the case.

Note: metal cases may impact the optimal performance of Westpac PayTag.

Does Westpac PayTag work on all phones?

Yes, Westpac PayTag will work with any mobile phone model.  If you have a Near Field Communication (NFC) capable mobile device, you may need to switch NFC connectivity off when making payments.

What should I do if I lose or misplace my phone or other device with a Westpac PayTag attached to it?

In the event that your phone or other device is lost or stolen, or the Westpac PayTag has fallen off your phone, please call us immediately on 0800 888 111 to report your Westpac PayTag lost or stolen.

We'll arrange for the Westpac PayTag to be blocked and send a replacement to you.

What should I do if I change my mobile phone or other device?

If for example, you have a Westpac PayTag on your mobile phone and you get a new mobile phone, you will need a new Westpac PayTag. Please call us on 0800 888 111 to request a replacement Westpac PayTag.

Is there a charge for Westpac PayTag and when does it apply?

No, there is no longer a fee charged for Westpac Paytag. 

What if my Westpac PayTag is damaged or not working?

If your Westpac PayTag is damaged or not working, please call us on 0800 888 111 to arrange a replacement. When you receive your new Westpac PayTag, please destroy and safely discard your old one.