Tips for managing your credit card

Just got your new Westpac credit card, or looking to make your existing card work harder? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a few tips to help you transfer a balance from another credit or store card to your card, manage payments, earn rewards faster and more.

Make your new credit card work for you

Balance Transfer

Transfer your balance

You could save on interest costs by applying to transfer your outstanding balance from another bank’s credit card, or a personal loan or store card to your Westpac credit card to get our great low balance transfer rate. Read more.

westpac one online banking

Take control with Westpac OneTM

Keep an eye on your balances and upcoming payments online or on the go with Westpac One. You can also temporarily block your card using Westpac One if you misplace it (without having to cancel it straight away). You can apply to change to credit limit and even let us know when you'll be spending with your card overseas. Read more

wo accounts

Set and forget your payments

Keep interest and late payment fees to a minimum by setting up regular payments (automatic payments and direct debits) so there's no risk of forgetting to pay that bill. Remember, if this is a new Westpac credit card you'll need to change any existing direct debits that use your old credit card number. 

To set up regular payments, find the bills you’d like to pay automatically and either set up a recurring automatic bill payment from Westpac One for a fixed amount, or contact the service provider directly if you’d prefer them to take the total amount of your bill as a direct debit.

Don't forget to set up Westpac Alerts for us to notify you when a payment doesn't go through or when your credit card bill is due. 

update subscriptions

Update your subscription services

Remember to change the card number you may have registered with subscription services such as iTunes and Google Play Store to your new Westpac credit card number. Then have a think: are there any others? How about Amazon, TradeMe, or other online shopping sites?

reward yourself sooner

Reward yourself sooner

If your Westpac credit card gives you the ability to earn hotpoints or Airpoints , a great way to rack up the rewards sooner is by using your card for your everyday purchases as well as those big-ticket items. You’ll be surprised at how soon you could be rewarding yourself.


Pay faster with Westpac PayTag®

Pay for things more quickly while you’re out and about. A Westpac PayTag – linked to your applicable Westpac account and stuck to the back of your phone or phone case – can be used to make contactless payments as per the local country limit.

Give feedback

Let us know if there’s any other helpful information about setting up your card that you’d like to see on this page, or give us a call on 0800 881 133.