All about hotpoints® credit card rewards

Love rewards? You’ll enjoy our hotpoints® rewards programme, which rewards you for everyday spending. Every dollar spent on a hotpoints credit card earns you hotpoints that can be redeemed for a vast range of rewards.

Here’s why hotpoints is so rewarding:

  • hotpoints are easy to earn and they quickly add up – every dollar you spend automatically gives you hotpoints1, helping you reward yourself faster.
  • With hotpoints Pay® you can use your hotpoints at millions of local, international and online retailers, anywhere Mastercard® is accepted*. Find out more about hotpoints Pay.
  • There’s also a range of rewards available to redeem for via the hotpoints website, including eCards, merchandise, Gift Cards, charity donations, and contributions to Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme Accounts.
  1. cc hp rewards

    hotpoints® rewards

    You won’t believe the range of rewards available through hotpoints. Take a look to see what your points can get you.

  2. cc hotpoints

    How to earn hotpoints®

    Here’s how you earn hotpoints with your Westpac hotpoints credit card.

  3. cc earn redeem

    How to redeem your hotpoints®

    It’s simple to turn your hotpoints into great rewards.