If you've got debt that’s earning interest on a store card, hire purchase or another bank’s credit card, or personal loan a Debt Transfer could help you. A Debt Transfer (also known as a Balance Transfer) is an opportunity to move one or more debts to a Westpac credit card where a better rate could help you pay off your balances and get debt free faster.

Is it right for you?

With 0% p.a. interest for 12 months on the debt transferred*, you have a whole year to make headway in paying off your debt. Alternatively, if your debt is likely to be around for longer, you can choose a rate of 5.95% p.a.^ for the lifetime of your transferred debt. Once your Debt Transfer is set up we’ll be in touch from time to time with hints and tips to help keep you on track to pay off your remaining balance faster.

How does it work?


  • consolidate your debt

    Consolidate your debt

  • Bring in a range of balances

  • Transfer up to 95% of your available credit limit

How to apply

Applying for a balance transfer is easy. Balance transfers are available on Westpac credit cards^ - including our Low Rate, Airpoints™ and hotpoints® credit cards.

  • Already an existing customer with Westpac One?

    Apply for a balance transfer to an existing card, or apply for a new credit card with a Balance Transfer via Westpac One®.

    Apply in Westpac One
  • New to Westpac, or don’t have Westpac One?

    If you're new to Westpac, you can apply for a credit card online below. If you’re an existing customer who doesn’t use Westpac One® print and complete our balance transfer form.

    Apply for a Balance Transfer


Debt transfers just got better

We’ve updated how repayments are applied to your credit card. First payments will be applied to charges and accrued interest, then to cash advances and purchases, followed by balance transfers. If you have multiple balance transfer rates, payments will first be applied to the balances transferred at the highest interest rate.

Need more help?

If you feel that you have more debt than you can cover with a Debt Transfer (also known as a Balance Transfer) perhaps a Personal Loan may be more suitable. Alternatively, we have a range of tools and services that may be able to help including our Managing your Money workshops, budget calculator and Cash Nav, a tool that helps you to track your spending.