Whether it's a low interest rate to keep control of your spending or a fast earning rewards credit card to give you a bit extra, we've got the card that could be right for you. 

What do you need from your credit card?

  • CC Control Tile

     A card that keeps me in control

    I need a card that helps me control my spending so I don't go into debt. 

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  • CC Unexpected Tile

    A card that is there for the unexpected

    I need a card that's there for me when I need to make unexpected purchases. 

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  • CC Manage My Money Tile

    A card to help manage my money

    I need a card that makes managing my money easier and helps smooth the bumps in my spending. 

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  • CC Rewards Tile

    A card that comes with a bit extra

    I need a card that gives me benefits like earning rewards.

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Pay 0% p.a. interest on balances transferred for 12 months

Transfer your outstanding balance(s) on hire purchases, store cards, another bank's credit card or a personal loan to a Westpac credit card, and you could pay 0% p.a. interest for 12 months*.

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Plus, pay no annual fee for 2 years^

When you're approved for a new Low Rate Mastercard®hotpoints® Mastercard or Airpoints™ Mastercard.

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