Why help is important.

Accessing expert help and advice could help your business grow more quickly, save you from making costly mistakes, and highlight options you might not have previously known about or considered. All this adds up to greater chances of business success.

It's important to first identify what support your business needs most. This will be different for various types of businesses, at different stages.

Identify what you need.

Many businesses, especially start-ups, think they need more money. However, access to markets may be the more immediate and important need.

Work out which areas of your business you most need support and guidance in. Possible areas of need in your business could be:

  • Web presence - does your business have a user-friendly, up-to-date website and a social media presence? Could you sell online so you are effectively open 24/7? Marketing training can help in these areas
  • Marketing - do you know who your target markets are, and are you reaching them and actively generating leads? Again, marketing training can be a great investment for your business
  • Money management - do you know your break-even point? Can you confidently explain your financial documents when applying for finance? Understanding how to manage money is a crucial part of small business success
  • Staff - do you have enough staff? Do you have the right staff? What extra training and resources might your staff need to do their jobs more efficiently? Training in managing staff can help here
  • Compliance - does your business have all the necessary licenses and permits? Are you meeting your obligations? It's vital that you understand and comply with your health and safety obligations and your employer obligations
  • Performance - is your business running efficiently? Do your internal processes (ordering, production, sales, customer records, customer service, accounting, etc.) need improving? Management training can help in these areas
  • Growth - could your business benefit from grants, mentoring, or advice on exporting and importing? There are many resources you can access to help your business grow and thrive.

Sources of help.

The following are some of the many sources of help available to both start-ups and established businesses looking to grow.

Free help

Government support

  • New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) has offices in New Zealand and abroad. They help with exporting, and offer a variety of programmes and services to businesses at all stages to support them in growing and succeeding internationally
  • Te Puni Kokiri offers information and help for mentoring to new and existing Maori businesses. They have offices throughout New Zealand
  • The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) offers free tax workshops all over New Zealand. They also have a range of videos to help get you up to speed on issues like GST, employer obligations and business structures.



Industry support

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