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Here you'll find even more useful and important information related to payment solutions for your business. This information can also help protect your business against fraud while giving your customers confidence when purchasing from you.

Accepting credit cards Fraud & security

Why do you need to be aware of card security?

Transaction authorisation doesn’t provide enough protection alone. Not everyone with a credit card is the card's rightful owner, and fraudulent transactions can be carried out by phone, mail, email and online. Whenever you process credit card transactions, you need to be alert to the risk of fraud.

Tips to help you reduce credit card fraud

Read our Credit card fraud prevention brochure.

Read our Security notification for Windows XP Operating System.

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Accepting payments online with Internet Authentication

Our Internet Authentication solution helps provide greater safety and security for your Visa and Mastercard online credit card transactions.

Internet Authentication has the security of Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode. It’s an international online security product designed to make transactions over the internet safer for both the merchant and the cardholder.

For more info on Internet Authentication, call 0800 888 066 and select option 3 (8.30am to 5pm; Monday to Friday).

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

The growth of eCommerce has seen an increase in electronic crime – such as identity theft and hacking. This means any device storing, processing and/or transmitting card data is increasingly vulnerable to compromise, especially those in systems that offer public internet access.

In response to this threat, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) has developed a new set of security requirements governing credit card transactions and to help protect cardholder data. These are the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS) and all merchants are required to implement them.

For more information

Read our guide to meeting the Payment Card Industry Security Standards, or visit the PCI Council website.

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