Set up your business so you can be paid directly from your customers' bank accounts, help reduce your admin time making things easier for your customers too. They can send you bill payments, or if you have large volumes of payments coming in, direct debits can be a great option.

Bill Payments

Add your business to the bill payment register, your customers can make a payment directly into your bank account by simply searching for the name of your company in their online banking. They don't need to know your account number, and you can specify the reference information you need to identify them.

  • Customers have to provide reference information, making sure you can reconcile their payments more easily.
  • Payments are made simple for customers - no need to write cheques or come to your business in person.
  • It's free to setup your company on the bill payment register. The ongoing costs for your business will be determined by the fee option you've chosen for your Business Transact account.

To add your business to the bill payment register, download and complete the Bill Payee Registration form.

Direct debits

Take control of collecting regular payments from your customers with the ability to direct debit. It's perfect if you have repeat customers and a high volume of incoming payments per month (at least 80 per month)*.

  • Your customers don't need to remember to make payments, helping you to be paid on time.
  • You're in charge: you control the date, amount and reference details for the payments, which makes reconciliation easier too.
  • You'll find it easier to spot any failed payments.

To apply for the ability to take direct debits, please contact your Westpac relationship manager. If you qualify, we'll set a rate based on the size of your business.

Frequently asked questions

Talk to your relationship manager or branch to see if this service is right for your business. They can get the approval process started with you.

Your other options are to request your customers to pay through their online banking service. You can make it easy for them by including your business on the bill payments register.

If you're interested in an online service for your customers to pay you from their bank account, explore Westpac Direct from Account®

It's free to register your business with the bill payments register.

For direct debit initiation, an establishment fee and transaction fees apply.