About KiwiSaver

KiwiSaver is a long-term savings initiative designed to help all New Zealanders save for the future.

About KiwiSaver

KiwiSaver is a long-term savings initiative with special features designed to help New Zealanders save for the future. KiwiSaver is open to all New Zealand residents - and people entitled to be in New Zealand indefinitely - aged up to 65.

Most KiwiSaver members will build up their savings through regular contributions from their salary or wages, which are deducted by the member's employer and passed on to the individual's KiwiSaver scheme by the IR.

Those who do not earn a salary or wage subject to PAYE can contribute directly to their chosen KiwiSaver scheme.

KiwiSaver for employees

  • employees who are eligible for KiwiSaver and aged between 18 and 65 will be enrolled automatically in a KiwiSaver scheme when they commence employment
  • employees have the ability to opt out between week 2 and 8 of commencing employment
  • existing employees under the age of 65 can join KiwiSaver at any time.

Member contributions

  • the minimum contribution for employees is 3% of gross salary or wages. However, members can contribute more - either 4% or 8% of their gross salary or wages
  • employees can change the amount they contribute by notifying their employer
  • those who do not earn a salary or wage subject to PAYE can make voluntary contributions directly to their scheme subject to any minimum rate set by their scheme provider
  • If an employer has not chosen a KiwiSaver Scheme the employee will be allocated to a default KiwiSaver scheme via Inland Revenue.

All contributions deducted from an employees after-tax salary or wages in the first three months of an employee’s membership with a KiwiSaver scheme are held by the IR.

These contributions will then be passed on to the member’s scheme, with any interest.

Withdrawing KiwiSaver savings or taking contribution holidays

KiwiSaver savings can be accessed upon eligibility for New Zealand Superannuation (currently 65 years old), or after 5 years of KiwiSaver membership, whichever is later. Being a KiwiSaver member will not affect eligibility for New Zealand Superannuation.

In certain circumstances a member may be able to make earlier withdrawals:

  • for the purchase of a first home
  • when facing significant financial hardship
  • in cases of serious illness
  • when they permanently emigrate from New Zealand (except Australia)
  • if required by statute or upon death of member
  • to meet a tax liability or additional student loan repayment obligation arising from a transfer to KiwiSaver from an overseas superannuation scheme.

Members may apply to Inland Revenue for a contributions holiday if suffering financial hardship or if 12 months have passed since making their first KiwiSaver contribution. Find out more information here.

KiwiSaver Incentives

KiwiSaver members may be eligible for the following incentives

  • Member Tax Credit of 50 cents for every dollar the member contributes up to a maximum of $521.43 per year (1 July to 30 June) until the member turns 65 or has been a member of a KiwiSaver scheme for 5 years, whichever is later (subject to eligibility criteria)
  • compulsory employer contributions - 3% of an employee’s gross salary or wages
  • first-home buyers subsidy of up to $10,000
  • Click here for more information

What employers need to do about KiwiSaver

Give an Inland Revenue KiwiSaver information pack to

  • new employees who are eligible for KiwiSaver
  • existing employees who are interested in joining.

 If you have chosen a preferred KiwiSaver scheme, supply employees with a

  •  written statement advising employees that if they don’t select a scheme they will be enrolled in your chosen scheme
  • copy of the preferred scheme’s investment statement.

Give KiwiSaver enrolment details to the Inland Revenue for

  • new employees who are subject to automatic enrolment
  • current employees who choose to join a KiwiSaver scheme.

Deduct KiwiSaver contributions

  • from employees’ after tax salary or wages, and
  • forward to Inland Revenue with employees’ PAYE.

Make employer contributions

  • make compulsory employer contributions for eligible employees after the ECST has been deducted
  • consider making additional employer contributions

Help manage KiwiSaver for employees

  • stop KiwiSaver deductions for employees who opt out or request a contribution holiday
  • maintain KiwiSaver records for your staff.

For more information about KiwiSaver for employers visit www.ird.govt.nz

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