WinTrade Resource Centre

Learn more about WinTrade with our user guides and interactive learning modules.

WinTrade user guides

  • provide step-by-step instructions on processing your trade transactions using WinTrade
  • structured by individual trade modules for easy information access

Download guide to orientation and common procedures
(PDF 1.6Mb)

Download guide to Import Letters of Credit
(PDF 3.4Mb)

Download guide to Import Collections
(PDF 2.5Mb)

Download guide to Export Collections
(PDF 1.53Mb)

Download guide to Trade Finance
(PDF 1.7Mb)

Download guide to system administration
(PDF 9Kb)

File won't open? You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

WinTrade quick reference guide

The WinTrade quick reference guide shows the key steps to processing all trade transactions.

Download WinTrade quick reference guide
(PDF 777kB)

File won't open? You'll need Adobe Reader.

WinTrade e-learning modules

These interactive modules will help you learn more about using WinTrade. Each module will take between five and 10 minutes to complete.

Orientation module

Module one: getting started with WinTrade

Import letters of credit (LC) modules

Module 2a: establish a new LC

Module 2b: edit, approve and amend an LC

Module 2c: pay an LC

These modules require Macromedia Flash plug-in for Firefox or Internet Explorer web browsers.

Registering new WinTrade users

To add a new WinTrade user you'll need to

  • download and complete the amendment form and send to your international service representative
  • call us to arrange for an international service representative to sight the new user's identification documents

Download the WinTrade amendment form
(PDF 38kB)

WinTrade system support

Please contact us for WinTrade support, including

  • setting up new WinTrade users
  • help with system errors and technical support such as login and password problems.