Law & accountancy

From day-to-day banking, to flexible finance, we assist law firms and accountancy firms with tailored solutions. Our Professional Services Specialists and our Business team, are on hand with industry specific financial guidance and support.

Specialist Finance Services

Finance for your business

Work with one of our business managers to create financial solutions for your law firm or accountancy firm.

Our flexible and competitive finance solutions include:

  • an overdraft facility to assist with fluctuations in working capital
  • loan and interest rate options for longer-term finance needs
  • up to 100% finance of the GST exclusive purchase price of new IT or other equipment – this is using the purchased assets as security in most cases
  • loans for your business partners to make new capital contributions

Smart investment options

Our team can also provide investment options for you and your clients including:

  • on-call savings accounts to earn interest on your firm’s deposits
  • Multi-Deposit Scheme (MDS), a money management service to help you look after money on behalf of your clients (available through DeskBank)
  • term deposits for surplus funds

Benefits for partners

Talk to us about preferential rates and savings for partners of your firm. In addition, specialist investment advisers can provide advice across all asset classes and assist with retirement or succession planning.

Everyday Banking

Banking and settlement needs

We can look after your day-to-day banking and settlement needs with:

  • special pricing for professional firms on transaction accounts
  • easy to set up and manage trust accounts
  • same-day transfer of settlement funds to accounts at most NZ banks (specifically designed for solicitors and available through DeskBank)
  • streamlined staff expense management with Westpac MasterCard BusinessCard
  • competitive rates for credit card processing and for leasing an EFTPOS terminal
  • enhanced banking and payment processes

Electronic Banking

You can access and manage your accounts through DeskBank or Business Online.

  • DeskBank is a Windows-based Software Package installed on your PC or network. It offers the Multi-Deposit Scheme (MDS) which helps solicitors manage funds on behalf of their clients. It also has the capability for same-day transfer of settlement funds to most NZ bank accounts via the SDCP system. SDCP is an electronic, real-time irrevocable payment in New Zealand dollars.
    Read more about what you can do with DeskBank
  • Business Online is an online service designed to streamline your banking and provide greater control. It makes it easier to process bulk payments when two or three people need to authorize transactions.
    Read more about what you can do with Business Online


Risk Management

Helping you manage risks

We can also provide risk management advice and help with:

  • commercial insurance options – from key person protection to building and contents cover
  • interest rate risk management – strategies using market derivative products
  • advice and products to help reduce the risk around handling money internationally and converting currencies
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