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We know that keeping things humming is a top priority for business owners. So, we met with business specialists and Westpac business customers to hear their insights and tips for helping businesses reach their full potential.

Watch the latest video to learn more Jessie Wong, the founder of luxury goods label Yu Mei, about how 2020 has unexpectedly helped them reach new customers.

What has Yu Mei learnt?

Jessie Wong, Yu Mei.

What has The Coffee Club learnt?

Brad Jacobs, The Coffee Club.

Why cash to a business is like air to a person

Matt Bellingham, Chartered Account at Bellingham Wallace. 

Why it’s so important to talk to your customers

Zac De Silva, Profit and Growth Specialist

Why you should take the time to review your business

Amber McKnight, National Manager Professional Services at Westpac New Zealand.