Earn Airpoints Dollars™ on business purchases.

Earn Airpoints Dollars™ on your everyday business purchases with the Westpac Airpoints™ Business MasterCard®.

And now, you can join Air New Zealand's Airpoints™ for Business programme and have these Airpoints Dollars™ directed straight to your Airpoints for Business account. 

Check out Air New Zealand’s website for details about how your business can benefit from Air New Zealand’s Airpoints for Business Programme – including ways to reward your business when you and your employees fly Air New Zealand for work.


Get a Westpac Airpoints™ Business MasterCard®

Click here to get started with your application for a Westpac Airpoints™ Business MasterCard©.


Joining the Airpoints for Business programme

It's easy to join, simply create an Airpoints for Business account on the Air New Zealand website. To get started, log into your personal Airpoints account at airnewzealand.co.nz, click on the Airpoints for Business tab and complete the registration.

Once you’ve joined, you can manage your account through the Airpoints for Business dashboard. Here you can also invite employees to join your Airpoints for Business account, enabling the business to start earning additional Airpoints Dollars™ and get rewarded faster. For more details, visit airpoints.co.nz/business