How to earn Airpoints Dollars™

Every time you spend in store or online with your Westpac Airpoints™ Business MasterCard®, you’ll earn Airpoints at a rate of 1 Airpoints Dollar™ per $75NZD, and one Status Point per $225NZD*. If you're overseas you can earn Airpoints Dollars faster when you spend in a foreign currency – 1 Airpoints Dollar per $70NZD.

Each one Airpoints Dollar is equivalent one New Zealand Dollar, so it’s easy to understand the value of your Airpoints balance.

Earn Status Points too

Your Westpac Airpoints™ Business MasterCard® will also earn you Status Points*. Every transaction brings you closer to the next tier, which will qualify you to discover even more benefits and privileges.

How can I maximise my Airpoints Dollars balance?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Use your Westpac Airpoints credit card for your everyday spend as well as big-ticket items, and watch your Airpoints Dollars stack up quicker.
  • Link your employees to your Westpac Airpoints Business MasterCard account, so their spend can help you to earn Airpoints Dollars more quickly.
  • Keep an eye out for special Airpoints promotions, which could help you earn bonus Airpoints Dollars.
  • When you book a rental car with Avis or Budget Rental Cars and pay cash, you could earn 2.5 Airpoints Dollars per day.
  • Choose a partner hotel of Air New Zealand while you’re visiting a new town, and you could earn Airpoints during your stay.
  • Use your Westpac Airpoints credit card at the Airpoints™ Mall, to further fast track your earning.

Find out about more ways to earn Airpoints Dollars