DeskBank is a Windows-based Software Package installed on your PC or network.

DeskBank is now offered only to solicitors. DeskBank offers the Multi-Deposit Scheme (MDS) which helps solicitors manage funds on behalf of their clients. DeskBank also has the capability for same-day transfer of settlement funds to most NZ bank accounts.


How do I access DeskBank?

All you need to access your accounts and make transactions using DeskBank is the DeskBank software installed on your PC or network plus an internet connection. Because DeskBank is Windows based it's easy to learn and simple to use. It's also compatible with the software used by most businesses.

DeskBank is open for business

  • Monday to Saturday, 4.00am to 8.00pm,
  • Sundays from 12pm to 8.00pm.
    Processing of international transactions is subject to currency cut-off times.

What can I do with DeskBank?

You can check out your business’s financial status and the balances of your business accounts and keep an eye on your Westpac business, foreign currency or personal accounts.

You can even get information on any nominated accounts you may have with BNZ and ANZ.

DeskBank also enables you to transfer money between your accounts and do end-of-day balance forecasting. DeskBank makes reconciliation with your cashbook easier by directly importing your financial data for analysis and reporting. And because you can tailor your transaction reporting, you only see the information you want to.

Import and export businesses

  • Organise telegraphic transfers to pay directly into overseas bank accounts.
  • Arrange international bank drafts for overseas payments.
Bills & Payments

Control your payments

  • Payments can be made today, or up to a year in advance.
  • Aggregate batch payments so each batch appears as a single line on your bank statement.
  • This saves you money on account transaction costs and speeds up reconciliation.

Daily transaction & user limits

The standard daily limit for transactions in DeskBank is $5 million.However, you can request a non-standard daily company limit via your DeskBank Administrators.

If the daily company limit requested is less than $5 million, the DeskBank Administrators can contact the DeskBank Helpdesk. For daily company limits greater than $5 million, the DeskBank Adminstrators should contact their Business Manager.

DeskBank Administrators also have the ability to set daily transaction limits for their DeskBank users which can be less than or equal to their company daily limit.

Batch payments

  • set up a payment batch and pay money directly to any New Zealand bank account
  • each batch can include an individual payment, or as many payments as you like
  • batch payments are ideal for paying staff or creditors
  • avoid manual re-keying by importing payment details direct from most payroll or other accounting systems
  • you can also import, create and authorise direct debits from your debtors



Other features

Same Day Cleared Payment (SCP) module

You can instruct Westpac to electronically transfer irrevocable funds to another NZ bank account on the same business day. These funds can be withdrawn as soon as they enter the other bank account. The cut-off time for an SCP is 4.30pm.

Different SCP benefits are available depending on a customer’s needs.

You can process an SCP to most NZ banks

  • As an electronic, real-time, irrevocable payment, in New Zealand dollars.
  • A fax notification can be sent by the beneficiary's bank to the payee.
    This applies to ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Citibank, Deutsche, HSBC, NBNZ, TSB and Kiwibank.

Managing clients’ deposit funds via DeskBank

You can view and maintain your Multi-Deposits Scheme (MDS) quickly and efficiently in DeskBank.

What you can do with your MDS linked to DeskBank

For both on-call and term deposits:

  • view details of deposits, as well as any transactions and payments made
  • get reports for both you and your clients

For on-call deposits only:

  • update client information, including address held and IRD number
  • open new deposits or close existing ones
  • create and authorise deposits and withdrawals

Secure messaging with DeskBank

With DeskBank you can send secure electronic requests or instructions to your branch.


When you are using DeskBank

  • your PC connects to Westpac via your internet connection or modem for only a short period when you are receiving or transmitting transactions
  • the rest of the time you are simply working in your desktop workspace
  • all information sent is encrypted using 128-bit encryption

Controlling DeskBank access

  • your business’s administrator can give users different levels of secure access
  • access to accounts and services can be controlled
  • banking tasks can be delegated to key staff

You can set up one or more payment authorisers

  • authorisers would be the only people able to approve a DeskBank payment
  • you can require either one or two authorisers to approve each payment
  • ideal for businesses requiring multiple account signatories

DeskBank technical requirements

Recommended system requirements

  • Processor Pentium III or better
  • RAM Windows® XP or Vista, 256 Meg
  • Hard Drive 100 Meg free space

Communications are via your internet or dial-up connection.


DeskBank - Fees
Fee descriptionFee amount
Monthly operating fee Includes up to 1,000 lines of account information, 2c per line thereafter.
$25 per month
Set up and establishment fee Minimum amount.
$250 plus GST
Transaction charge direct debit 19c per transaction
payment  19c per transaction