Online Banking services

With Online Banking, you can do your day-to-day banking anywhere. All you need is Internet access to view and manage your bank accounts.

Exciting changes in Online Banking are coming to a screen near you. We've created a brand-new online banking experience with new capabilities and features that are the same across all your devices. Find out more here.

The things that make Online Banking great include:
  • it gives you control of your accounts whenever and wherever you want it
  • it’s easy to use
  • it’s free to join
  • view your balances, see your transactions and download your transaction information.
  • it’s free to set up details of people you wish to pay online
  • if you have a smartphone, or other wireless device you can also have Mobile Online Banking.
  • you don’t need traditional paper statements – it’s all available online
  • use a variety of payment methods to pay your friends, pay your bills, contribute to Kiwisaver or pay your Tax.
  • open a new account, set up a term deposit or apply for a Debit MasterCard online.
  • view your Westpac KiwiSaver balance online.
What you can do

Access to your accounts and credit cards

You can:

  • see balance and limit information for all your transactions and savings accounts, term investments, loans, KiwiSaver and credit cards
  • see your bank account history as far back as December 1996
  • view your Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme balance and transactions (once account has been open three months)
  • see your credit card history as far back as seven years
  • access PDF copies of all your past statements
  • you can download your transactions into Excel or your finance management application

Move money between your accounts

You can:

  • transfer money between Westpac accounts, including your Westpac credit card account. You’ll see the transfer results online straight away (credit cards will take one business day for your limit to update, but your available funds changes immediately)
  • plan transfers for future dates
  • view your planned transfers up to six months in advance

Pay a bill or make a tax payment

You can:

  • pay the plumber, the babysitter – anyone with a NZ bank account. If they bank with Westpac, they'll see the payment immediately.
  • pay bills online such as the power, phone, gas, hire purchases, and the IRD. If they bank with Westpac, they'll see the payment immediately.
  • make payments immediately or plan a future payment
  • view your planned payments up to six months in advance
  • save someone’s account details if you are likely to pay them again

We have over 2,000 pre-registered billers listed (or you can set up your own manually) and over 25 IRD tax types are available for online payment.

Open a new account

You may be able to:

  • Open a new individual or joint everyday transaction, savings or term depositaccount online. Seehow to open an account online.Conditions apply. To open a new Term Deposit you’ll need to have either an existing Term Deposit or an account in your name online. In some cases, further documentation may be required.
  • Apply for a newDebit MasterCard
    Some conditions apply
  • Apply to join or transfer to the Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme
    Some conditions apply

Automatic Payments

You can:

  • set up regular payments between your own accounts
  • set up regular payments to other NZ bank accounts
  • amend, suspend or cancel your automatic payments

Loans and overdrafts

You can:

  • view the current balance of loan or overdraft
  • see the current interest rate
  • find the next repayment date and amount
  • see the fixed rate expiry date (if applicable) and interest rate history
  • see details of where account payments are made from

Term Investments

You can:

  • view the details online
  • reinvest your deposit when its due to mature
  • change your deposits maturity instructions
  • open a new Term Deposit online^^

^^ Conditions apply. To open a new Term Deposit you’ll need to have either an existing Term Deposit or an account in your name online. In some cases, further documentation may be required.

See your hotpoints®

If you have a hotpoints® Westpac credit card and have registered for Online Banking you can:

  • view your hotpoints® balance online
  • redeem your hotpoints® into your chosen reward/voucher

In some cases you may not be able to open a new account online as further information may be required.

Email and txt alerts

Email and txt alerts let you know what's going on with your banking, and when.*

Email alerts are free, while with txt alerts you can receive 10 free txts each month. After that, txts cost 25c each to receive.

Please note Skinny mobile customers are unable to receive Westpac txt alerts or use Westpac's txt banking facility.

*Your mobile service provider’s normal txt charges apply when you send a txt requesting your bank account balances or a money transfer. Please contact your provider for details of their fees and charges. Learn more here.
Ways to access


You can access Online Banking via any modern internet browser anywhere in the world.

Bank while you're mobile

If you have a smart phone you can use our new Mobile Online Banking.

Otherwise, if you register your mobile phone number for 'Banking on your mobile services', you can access:

  • txt banking
  • txt alerts
  • the means to reset your Online Banking password through the new Online Guardian Challenge Service

Online Banking kiosks in branches

Access your Westpac Online Banking when you’re away from home at an Online Banking Kiosk. These are available in many of our branches around the country including:

Albany, Ashburton, Barrington, Bayfair, Dargaville, Dunedin, Epsom, Ferrymead, Glenfield, Gore, Hastings, Highland Park, Hornby, Huapai, Kaiapoi, Lincoln Road, Lower Hutt, Mangere, Manurewa, Cashel Mall, Nelson, New Plymouth,  Newmarket, North End, North Harbour, Onehunga, Palmerston North, Papakura, Papamoa, Papanui, Paraparaumu, Porirua, Queenstown, Rangiora, Remuera, Richmond, Riccarton, Rotorua, Wellington