24 hour branch lobby services

Doing your everyday banking just got a lot easier with our smarter technology, accessed anytime at selected branches with your Westpac Eftpos card.

Did you realise you can deposit cheques and cash (even coins) at the end of your busy day, and even exchange notes for coins, in many of our branch 24/7 lobby's? Technology is a wonderful thing. 

Find a local Westpac branch that offers the below services by using our Branch & ATM locator

If you would like a quick demo of how to use these machines, pop into a branch during business hours and our staff will show you how.

The Smart Deposit

You can use this machine to deposit cash (including coins) or cheques into any Westpac account and the money will generally appear in your bank account straight away. Deposits made after normal clearance times will be credited the following clearance day. For clearance times please refer to the information on the Smart ATM you are using. Cheques follow normal clearance processing times. The machine will print the cheque details on the back of your receipt.

Deposits made using a Smart ATM are considered to be electronic transactions. The deposit fee, if any, will depend on the type of account into which the funds are credited.

For larger deposits businesses can use the ATM Deposit Boxes to deposit their Red Bags. Generally when you make a deposit it will be deposited into your account overnight. If you make a deposit after normal clearance times it will be credited by the end of the following clearance day. For clearance times please refer to the information on the Standard ATM or Smart ATM you are using. Note that these deposits are treated as manual deposits, and the manual deposit fee for the account applies. Other fees, i.e cash handling fees may apply.

The Change Machine

Bring your notes and swap them over for rolled coins plus $5 and $10 notes, at the touch of a button – handy if you’re a small business owner.

Westpac customers can use the Change machine free of charge, non-customers pay $5 per transaction.