Cash Critter™ app

To help you teach your kids about earning and saving we’ve introduced Cash Critter®, the fun, interactive app that shows kids how to set goals and save money – and helps to get their chores done! Set chores lists, savings goals and a weekly allowance with your kids and they’ll see their savings grow.

How did we come up with the idea? Well, we asked 540 New Zealand parents a bunch of questions about their kids’ experiences with money and found that kids who use technology to track their money are more likely to understand the value of a dollar. So it just made sense.

Key features

About Cash Critter™

This fun, family-friendly app:  

  • helps grown-ups teach kids about saving and working towards goals
  • allows grown-ups to add a child (or the whole family) and set tailored chores, savings goals and weekly allowances for each person
  • lets kids take responsibility for their savings goals and for getting the household chores done
  • lets kids view their progress towards their savings goal at any time, and play with the friendly Westpac critters
  • allows grown-ups to pay kids their weekly allowance in cash or to any nominated New Zealand bank account directly through the app, if the grown-up has a Westpac transaction account and is registered for Westpac online banking
  • can be used by non-Westpac customers also – simply pay your kids in cash separately by using the 'Pay Cash' option on pay day.
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Technical stuff

Things you should know

  • Cash Critter® is currently only available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • If you hold a Westpac transaction account and are registered to use Westpac online banking, you can pay your kids’ weekly allowance to any nominated New Zealand bank account. If you don’t hold a Westpac transaction account you can still make the most of the benefits and features of Cash Critter® with the option to pay your kids in cash.
  • To make a payment to an account, log in through the 'Grown-up' section of Cash Critter® by entering your online banking user name and password. Payments can then be made to any New Zealand bank account. The maximum payment amount permitted through Cash Critter™ is NZ$500.00 per transaction.
  • Only one goal per child can be set at any given time.


Kids and money report

Westpac NZ 'Kids and Money' Report

We conducted a survey of 540 New Zealanders with children aged 4-18 years to find out more about the money habits of Kiwi kids.

Check out a snapshot of our findings here. You may be surprised to know:

  • 55% of kids don’t get pocket money
  • 65% of kids have no weekly savings
  • 37% of kids have a poor to average understanding of the value of money
  • 6 is the average age for kids to start getting pocket money
  • $10 is the average weekly amount of pocket money for under 12s
  • 2.4 hours is the average amount of time Kiwi kids spend on chores
  • Country kids have a better understanding of money than city kids

Read full Kids and Money Report here