Every 3rd Uber ride free.

We've teamed up with Uber to help our customers experience more, by shouting you every third Uber ride in NZ free (up to $30 off that ride) until 30 November 2018.

All you need is an Uber promo code, then set your personal Westpac debit or credit Mastercard® as your payment option in the Uber app. After this you can receive up to the total value of $150 in rides.

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Not a Westpac card customer?

This offer is now only available to existing card customers. If you've applied for a personal debit or credit Mastercard on or before 30 September 2018, you’re still eligible for this offer.

Find out how to get your code below.

Here's how to get your free rides (up to $30 off).

Existing customer? 

  1. Call us on 0800 400 600 or visit a branch to get your code.

  2. Open your Uber app, and check that your personal Westpac debit or credit Mastercard is loaded as a payment method, under the 'Payment' tab.
    If you don't have Uber yet, download it from the App store for Apple phones, or Google Play Store for Android phones.

  3. Open the 'Payment' tab in your Uber app and add your promo code.
    Uber will send you an SMS once you've entered your promo code to let you know it will be activated, which may take up to 24 hours.

  4. Once activated, request your Uber and start riding!
    Make sure you've selected your personal Westpac debit or credit Mastercard for payment, and enjoy every third ride free (up to $30 off that ride).


Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no catch however, with every offer there are rules including eligibility, end dates, maximum savings etc. For example with this offer every third ride is free up to the value of $30. If the third ride costs $31, you’ll pay $1. The offer will end on 30 November 2018, or once you reach $150 of free rides (if that happens before 30 November 2018). Please ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions in full, detailed at the bottom of this page, to ensure that this offer is right for you.   

Please check the table below to see if you have an eligible personal Westpac credit and/or debit Mastercard®. Don’t worry if you don't, you can apply for one at westpac.co.nz/uber on or before 30 September 2018 to be eligible for this offer.

Eligible cards Excluded cards

Low Rate Mastercard®
Hotpoints Mastercard®
Hotpoints Platinum Mastercard®
Hotpoints World Mastercard®
Airpoints Mastercard®
Airpoints Platinum Mastercard®
Airpoints World Mastercard®
Debit Mastercard®
Airpoints Debit Mastercard®

Hotpoints Visa
Hotpoints Gold Visa
BusinessPlus Mastercard®
Airpoints Business Mastercard®
Business Mastercard 
Business prepaid
Global currency card
EFTPOS cards

1)     Get your promo code

2)     If you haven’t already, activate your Westpac Mastercard® and download the Uber App from App store for Apple phones, or Google Play Store for Android phones.

3)     From the Uber App menu select, Payment and add your new Westpac Mastercard®

4)     Tap Add Promo Code, enter the code 

5)     Use your Westpac Mastercard® as your payment method

It can take up to 24 hours for your promo code to activate this exclusive offer in the Uber app. Once activated you will see a blue ride tracker in your Uber app. 

Once your promo code has been activated, you’ll see a blue ride tracker in your Uber app (this can take up to 24 hours after entering your promo code into the Uber app). 

When you start, 0/2 on your ride tracker means you are 2 trips away from unlocking your first free ride. 1/2 on your ride tracker means you are only 1 trip away from your free ride. When you have taken 2 trips, your next ride will be free (up to $30) and the Westpac Rides Tracker will re-set to '0/2'. To check if your next ride is free, simply enter your destination, choose uberX or uberASSIST, and you will see your upfront fare displayed as '$0.00' before you request your ride. If your trip is over $30, then the upfront fare should show the difference (less $30). This cycle will continue in your Uber app until you have either redeemed up to $150 worth of free rides value or until November 30, 2018.*