RealMe and Westpac

Westpac New Zealand has joined up with RealMe to provide a simple and secure way for our customers to open a new transaction or savings account online. If you have a RealMe verified identity, you’ll be able to prove who you are and open an account online without visiting a Westpac branch. 

What is RealMe?

RealMe is an identity verification service provided by the New Zealand Government to securely prove who you are online.

How to use RealMe?

To use the RealMe service to open a transaction or savings account with Westpac New Zealand, all you need is a RealMe verified identity. You are verified if;

  • You have had your photo taken at a NZ Post Shop, or
  • Ticked the box when renewing your passport since May 2015

If you don’t have a verified identity you can get started by visiting the RealMe website.

Once your identity’s verified with RealMe, you will be able to start using it straight away. 

Want to learn more about RealMe services? Watch this video: