Tips to reduce account costs

How to reduce your monthly account charges and transaction fees. Simple ways to cut charges on your bank accounts.

Use online banking

  • it’s free to access
  • setting up or amending your automatic payments online is cheaper than doing it at a branch
  • paying your bills online costs less than sending a cheque
  • Electronic Account: stopping your paper statements means you won’t be charged the monthly account maintenance fee. Statements are available to view free online in online banking

Phone Banking and ATMs

  • with Phone Banking your first five calls each month are free
  • it costs $1 to use another bank's ATM, so stick with using Westpac's ATMs.

Save money on bank accounts

  • splitting your pay between your accounts using Salary Splitter reduces the cost of transferring money between your accounts
  • avoid using a savings account as an everyday transaction account to reduce transaction and service fees
  • close unused or forgotten accounts.

Fee waivers for superannuitants

Eliminate monthly account maintenance and transaction fees*. These fees are waived if you have an eligible Westpac transaction account direct credited with your

  • NZ National Superannuation
  • UK Retirement Pension
  • NZ War Pension

Fee waivers on Youth Accounts

No monthly maintenance and transaction fees* on these Youth Accounts

  • Electronic account
  • Online Bonus Saver^
  • Simple Saver

Each child can have up to two Youth Accounts and the fee waiver is valid until they reach 19 years of age.

Fee waivers for school leavers and graduates

  • free electronic and manual transactions and no account maintenance charges for our Tertiary and Career Starter Pacs*
  • range of free electronic and manual transactions for 12 months after you graduate

Relationship Rewarding

Do you have over $25,000 total personal business with us? You’ll start paying less for your account operating fees on your

  • Flat-fee Access account*