Setting up account alerts

Ready to get even more on top of your money? Alerts let you know about important events that have happened, or are about to happen in your accounts. Like when a credit card payment’s coming up, when there was a login to your Westpac One profile, or if your balance drops below a set amount. With an easy set up in Westpac One online banking, they’ll help you get even more control over your money.

Four types of alerts you can set up:

  1. Security alerts
  2. Payment alerts
  3. Account alerts
  4. Credit card alerts

Here's how to set up and change alerts

Log in to Westpac One online banking, go to Profile (...) then Alerts. You'll see any alerts you already have set up – including the default Security alerts we keep on for you at all times. And you can set up any new alerts you want in a flash.

You can choose to be alerted by email, text message, or both. We’ll use the email address and mobile phone number that you have registered with us. You can change these in Westpac One under Profile.