Video updates

Bite-sized video updates on the New Zealand economy and markets.

Weekly Economics Video Update

18 October:

We have had some respite from the negative news this week. Does this more positive data suggest that the worm is turning for the economy?

11 October:

The nature of New Zealand’s economic slowdown is evolving. While small, more export focused rural regions are still outperforming the likes of Auckland and Canterbury, the gap between them is narrowing. Over the coming year, we expect that margin to narrow further. 

Monthly Agri Economic Insights

We hope you find these updates helpful in shaping a view of what's in store for you beyond the farm gate.

4 October:

Chinese demand for New Zealand’s agricultural exports has held up better than expected, even as the wider economy has been hurt by the trade war with the US. 

6 September:

The Interim Climate Change Commission has recommended how to bring agriculture within New Zealand’s effort to become a low-carbon economy. This month we discuss the implications for farmers.