Video updates

Bite-sized video updates on the New Zealand economy and markets.

Weekly Economics Video Update

21 September:

Consumer confidence has fallen alongside business confidence, but GDP data has shown that reality is not so bad. 

14 September:

Next week’s GDP number is going to be very important for financial markets. The RBNZ has said that if the economy is disappointingly slow, it might cut the OCR. In the event, we think the economy is about to strengthen a little.

Monthly Agri Economic Insights

We hope you find these updates helpful in shaping a view of what's in store for you beyond the farm gate.

7 September:

Global prices are falling for many NZ agricultural exports, but the plunging exchange rate is the backstop for rural new Zealand.

3 August:

This month’s video provides an update on dairy market developments and takes a look at growth in the kiwifruit industry.