Bite-sized video updates on the New Zealand economy and markets.

Weekly Economics Video Update

18 January:

We are expecting the economy to pick up a bit in 2019, but the actual data recently has been decidedly mixed. Meanwhile, we have made a small change to our OCR forecast.  

21 December:

2018 is ending on a soft note, with the latest GDP figures coming in lower than expected. However, looking to the year ahead, we expect to see a firming in economic growth on the back of increased government spending, low interest rates, and a lift in construction.  

Monthly Agri Economic Insights

We hope you find these updates helpful in shaping a view of what's in store for you beyond the farm gate.

7 December:

The days of dairy’s reign as king of the New Zealand agri scene seem numbered. However, horticulture appears to be in the ascendancy now. 

2 November:

Farmer revenue may be OK, but costs are rising sharply. There are a range of causes, but one of the big ones is global oil prices, and that’s likely to reverse. The other driver of rising costs is the falling exchange rate. This is the flip side of the high revenue coin.