Online banking solution fees

Interest rates and fees are current as at 3 December 2020 and are subject to change without notice. Some other service fees may apply from time to time.


Business Online Banking - Fees & charges
All fees will be charged to your nominated billing account. You can view a breakdown of your monthly charges by using the Business Online Bank 'reports' function (click on the 'Balances and Reporting' option on your main menu). Find more information on business account fees, here.
DescriptionTypeFee amount
Monthly subscription fee
Self service administration
Administrator only (e.g. Add/amend users; reset login and password details); set up account/function entitlements; create/amend transaction and/or daily limits
Automatic payments
to set up Free
to amend Free
Bulk payments and transfers
19c per item
Bulk direct debits
19c per item
International Payments
Note: Transfers from and between your CFCA accounts are free of charge.
$10 per item

Other electronic transaction fees that may apply include:
  · transfers
  · single payments—including tax
  · direct credits/debits
  · automatic payments


DeskBank - Fees
Fee descriptionFee amount
Monthly operating fee Includes up to 1,000 lines of account information, 2c per line thereafter.
$25 per month
Set up and establishment fee Minimum amount.
$250 plus GST
Transaction charge direct debit 19c per transaction
payment  19c per transaction 

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