Westpac Agriline - The funding solution for all seasons

We all know that farming is a seasonal business – this comes with its challenges.

That’s why it’s so important to build flexibility into our budgets to allow for the unexpected, including those surprises that mother nature throws at us from time to time. Favourable seasons may pass when your focus is on wisely managing your strong cashflow to reduce debt balances and optimise your interest expenses. Yet during months when your cashflow picture is less rosy, sometimes unexpectedly, it’s important to know that you can access the funds you need quickly and easily.

How can Agriline help?

Westpac Agriline offers a flexible facility which can be repaid and redrawn as cashflow allows – providing a line of credit easily managed in conjunction with your overdraft and transactional account. You can use your idle funds to reduce interest charges, with the flexibility to redraw funds when seasonal cashflow is tighter. It may be that an unexpected expense crops up or an opportunity arises that’s just too good to refuse. Westpac Agriline is ideally suited for smoothing cashflow peaks and troughs through the seasonal cycles of a farm, as well as providing comfort for the unexpected. Easy online access and the ability to transfer funds directly to a nominated trading account makes it an attractive and simple product to use.

Key features

Westpac Agriline has the following great features to help you better manage your cashflow through the seasons:

  • Anytime online access to your line of credit
  • Ability to repay debt and redraw funds quickly, when you need
  • Ability to maintain seasonal requirements separately from everyday working capital
  • No line of credit charge
  • No monthly account fee
  • New simpler fee structure with four free transactions per month.

Next steps

Westpac Agriline is designed to cover seasonal aspects of farm cashflow cycles. Contact us about the benefits of Westpac Agriline and how it might help your agribusiness.