Here's how CoGo works.

Understand our impact

Every small action leads to a huge impact down the line. With the CoGo community impact stats, CoGo gives us an easy way to see how the smallest actions can affect our community and the world in a big way.

Vote with your spending

By linking your accounts to your CoGo account, you’ll be able to see if where you’re shopping has ethical and sustainable practices and keep track of your own good spending history. It’s also a great way to anonymously let each CoGo store you shop with, know what good practices you care about.

Shop by what matters to you

Select the causes that matter most to you from a list of specific, ethical and sustainable actions in the app. This’ll help you find and shop with businesses that share those values.

Influencing business

CoGo bundles together the ethical causes you selected in the app with other members of your community. Which they then report to the businesses around you, giving them the information they need to put their energy into making the changes you and your community want to see.

Interview with CoGo CEO.

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We want to help New Zealanders understand and reduce their carbon footprint, while discovering and supporting businesses that align to their values. Download the CoGo app today, join the community and start making a difference.