Moving towards a better future for all.

This year we’ve made some great strides towards making tomorrow greater. And while we know there’s much more to do, we’re excited to share what we’ve achieved so far.

  • We’ve reduced our operating emissions by 45.7% from our 2019 baseline.
  • Westpac Group joined the UN Net-Zero Banking Alliance, committing to a net carbon-zero lending portfolio by 2050.
  • We released our Responsible Banking and Investment Position, which summarises how environmental, social and governance factors guide our lending and investing decisions.
  • Our Extra Care team helped 4,302 New Zealanders who were at a higher risk of financial exploitation or exclusion.
  • Westpac NZ staff spent over 11,000 hours volunteering and helping their communities.

We’re committed to building a greater tomorrow, together. See the work we’re doing by reading our Westpac New Zealand 2022 Sustainability Report below.

Read our 2022 Sustainability Report (PDF, 1.3MB)

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Things you should know.

Westpac Greater Choices home loan

Westpac Greater Choices home loans are only available to new or existing Westpac customers with a Westpac Choices home loan. A Westpac Greater Choices home loan is an interest free loan for 5-years for a minimum of $1,000 and a maximum $50,000. You can have more than one Westpac Greater Choices home loan at a time to a maximum of $50,000 combined. Westpac Greater Choices home loans can only be applied towards certain home improvements, and you'll need to show an installer's quote or invoice that is no more than 90 days old.

Westpac's eligibility criteria and home loan lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. Product is subject to change or withdrawal anytime at Westpac's sole discretion.

EV loan

2 The EV loan interest rate of 6.99% p.a. is a combination of Westpac’s personal loan base rate of 14%p.a. less a margin of 7.01% p.a. Westpac may change and/or replace its personal loan base rate or the margin from time to time.

Interest rate is subject to change. If you do not pay amounts when they are due and this causes your loan account to exceed your limit, the rate of interest that applies to that overlimit amount will be the interest rate + 5% p.a.

Eligibility criteria, lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. You’ll need to be 18 or older and a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident. If you’re not a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident but you’re working in New Zealand, or you don’t meet the other criteria, we still may be able to help.

The EV loan is available for applications received between 10 August – 16 December 2022, subject to any further extension or withdrawal at Westpac’s discretion without further notice. Electric and hybrid cars, e-mopeds and e-bikes are eligible. All applications are subject to Westpac approval.