Please complete the form below as soon as possible if you would like to register interest in a Business Support Loan to help your business respond to, prepare for, or recover from, the impacts of COVID-19.

The loans are being made available as part of the Government's Business Finance Guarantee Scheme, which closes to new applications soon.

Loans must be approved, signed and documented by 30 June 2021 for inclusion in the Scheme, though they can be drawn down after that date. 

To allow sufficient time to discuss your needs and provide the required business information we ask that you complete and submit the form below by 11 June 2021 to ensure the closure deadline is not missed.

Applications to refinance existing Business Finance Guarantee Scheme loans with Westpac or any other approved lenders can be accepted after 30 June 2021

If you have an existing Business Finance Guarantee Scheme loan that you would like to refinance to Westpac please talk to your relationship manager or call us on 0800 288 101 (+64 9 375 2167 for overseas). 

Please note that your business must meet the following criteria (amongst others):

  • Have annual turnover of up to $200,000,000 (no minimum amount)
  • Be a New Zealand based business
  • Have or intend to have a full primary banking relationship with Westpac NZ
  • Must not have similar facilities at multiple banks (subject to limited exception)
  • Operate in a sector that is eligible under the Scheme*
  • Be prepared to grant us new security, if required.

Key features and requirements

The Business Support Loan is an on-call revolving credit facility where the balance will fluctuate as money is borrowed and repaid. Interest is calculated daily and charged monthly. We will usually require you provide us with adequate security for the loan.

  • Each eligible business or business group can apply for a single loan of up to NZ$5,000,000
  • Loans must be approved, signed and documented by 30 June 2021 for inclusion in Government's Business Finance Guarantee scheme
  • The maximum term of a loan is 5 years and your total limit will reduce over this time until it is fully repaid
  • The purpose of the loan must be primarily for the business to respond to, prepare for, or recover from, the impacts of COVID-19
  • The scheme is for new lending only
  • Special variable interest rates will apply. Discounted fees and charges may also apply
  • This is a loan. As with any other loan, you remain responsible for repaying 100% of the loan and interest
  • We will require usual security arrangements
  • You may also have to instruct your lawyer to assist us with these security arrangements.

Important information

A Business Support Loan can only be connected to your business transaction account. You can move money to and from your transactional account, but you cannot make outward electronic payments or withdrawals directly from this account (no Automatic Payments, Direct Debits or Bill Payments can be loaded). There are detailed rules about the extent to which a Business Support Loan can be used to refinance existing debt. For more information on the eligibility rules, please call us on 0800 288 101 (+64 9 375 2167 for overseas).

The Government is not providing a guarantee to you, the borrower. The Government guarantee instead supports the bank to lend more than we otherwise would at preferential pricing in uncertain economic conditions. You will always remain liable for repaying 100% of the loan and interest. If you are unable to meet the repayment obligations, Westpac will first seek to recover 100% of any outstanding loan balance from you and any property given as security. 

Provision of this loan, up to the maximum NZ$5,000,000 limit per business, or for a collective group, is at Westpac's discretion.

Once you have completed and submitted the form, one of our team will be in touch. Please note that we are experiencing high enquiry volumes - we thank you for your patience and will contact you as soon as we can.

To support any loan application it is normal for us to seek certain documents to verify information we are relying upon to approve the loan. In order to ensure we are lending responsibly, the following information will be required to be able to assess your loan application, understand your position before the current COVID-19 disruption, the impact of the disruption on your business, and your plans for the future:

  • Last financial statements for the business (profit and loss and balance sheet)
  • IRD Account Summary Statements of all tax types
  • A cash flow forecast detailing income and essential expenditure (minimum 12 months)
  • personal statement of position
  • A personal income verification if applicable (e.g. IR3 or payslip)
  • Additional information may be required.


You will need your account number and business legal name to complete the information below.

Westpac credit criteria apply. 

* Most business sectors are eligible under the scheme, but certain sectors are excluded, notably property development; property investment; the manufacture of tobacco; the processing of whale meat; recreational cannabis and the manufacture of firearms.

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File size for each document cannot exceed 4MB. We accept the following file formats: pdf, xls, xlsx, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, jpg & png.

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(Minimum 12 months)
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Terms and conditions

We may be required to disclose information we hold about you to the Government and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. This information will be used for the purposes of the management and administration of the Crown Business Finance Guarantee Scheme. To be eligible to apply for a Business Support Loan, you consent to us sharing your information with these parties.

You confirm that applications have not been made to other financiers under the Business Finance Guarantee Scheme.