Financial support.

If you require support, please talk to your relationship manager or call us on 0800 288 101 (+64 9 375 2167 from overseas).

We have a range of support options available including:

  • Suspension of principal repayments for loans for up to three months.
  • Deferred payment on business credit cards for up to three months.
  • A temporary business overdraft facility.
  • Early withdrawal from term investments if you need access to term deposit funds by providing 32 days' notice. Requests can be for a full or partial withdrawal. For Term Deposits of 12 months or longer, you can withdraw up to 20% of the deposited amount by providing 32 days' notice and receive no reduced interest rate on the withdrawn amount up to the withdrawal date.

In addition, we are waiving the merchant minimum monthly fee for eligible small businesses for the months of September and October 2021. This waiver will be automatically applied (some related costs may continue to be charged by service providers).

You can also talk to us about restructuring loans and accessing working capital. For example, Equipment Finance allows eligible customers to restructure or extend loan terms for existing facilities, or use equipment as security to release capital back into their business.

Business Finance Guarantee Scheme.

Between 14 April 2020 and 30 June 2021, we made Business Support Loans available to customers as part of the Government's Business Finance Guarantee Scheme. The Scheme involved a range of participating banks and was designed to help protect jobs and support the economy.

The Government's Scheme closed on 30 June 2021, so we are no longer able to accept new applications. We are however accepting applications to refinance existing Business Finance Guarantee Scheme loans.

If you have an existing Business Finance Guarantee Scheme loan that you would like us to refinance, please talk to your relationship manager or call us on 0800 288 101 (+64 9 375 2167 from overseas).

You can find out more information on eligibility, exclusions and terms and conditions, as well as a list of frequently asked questions here.

More details on the Business Finance Guarantee Scheme can be found on the Government's COVID-19 financial support website.

Talk to us.

If you require financial support, please talk to your relationship manager or call us on 0800 288 101 (+64 9 375 2167 from overseas). Call volumes may be high so wait times may be longer than usual.

Resources & tools.

Make sure you get paid

Chasing debt can be frustrating and it's sometimes easy to put it off. However, following up unpaid accounts could help you increase your cash flow.

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Improving cash flow

There are many ways to free up cash within your business to improve your cash flow. Completing a cash flow forecast helps you gain a clearer picture of what actions you need to take next.

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Creating value in your business

Growing the value of your business is about making strategic decisions that have a lasting effect. The aim is to create value in a sustainable way.

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Growing your business online

E-commerce can increase the potential of the traditional small business bricks-and-mortar model. As online shopping continues to rise in popularity, having a digital presence is essential for generating business and communicating with customers.

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Finding the right pricing strategy

Setting the right price is critical to maximising revenue. With a little economics you can figure out what you should be charging for your business' products or services.

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Free business tools¹

Having templates can make it easier to get moving on some of the more complex tasks of business planning.

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Things you should know.

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