Our economics and strategy team

Our team of economists and market strategists has extensive local and global experience.

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Michael Gordon - Acting Chief Economist

Michael Gordon 2017 180x180pxMichael has been part of Westpac’s economics and strategy team since 2006. His responsibilities in that time have included currency and interest rate strategy, coordinating the team's inflation, growth and financial market forecasts, and conducting a variety of research.

Michael will be serving as Acting Chief Economist from July 2016 to July 2017.

Previously, Michael worked at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand as a senior analyst in the Financial Stability department. He graduated from the University of Waikato with a Masters in Management Studies.



Satish Ranchhod - Senior Economist

Satish Ranchhod 2017 180x180pxSatish joined Westpac’s Economics team as a Senior Economist in October 2014. His work focuses on inflation and developments in New Zealand’s labour market.

Prior to joining Westpac, he was an adviser at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Much of his career has focused analysing and forecasting the New Zealand economy, with a particular focus on inflation.

Satish has also spent time as an economic researcher, leading the Reserve Bank’s analysis of the economic effects of the Canterbury earthquakes and its analysis of the global economy during the financial crisis.



Sarah Drought - Economist

Sarah Drought 2017 180x180pxSarah started her career at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, where she worked in a range of roles that included forecasting the New Zealand economy, and monitoring and analysing developments in the global economy and financial markets. 

Sarah joined Westpac's Economics team in July 2016. She analyses and forecasts developments in the New Zealand economy with a focus on merchandise trade and GDP, and communicates the team's views within Westpac and to the bank's customers. 




Shyamal Maharaj - Economist

Shyamal Maharaj 2017 180x180px

Shyamal (BA, B.Com.) has recently joined Westpac NZ as an Economist. He is currently completing his dissertation for a Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Economics from the University of Auckland. His research is focussing on ‘The Effectiveness of Economic Policy following the Global Financial Crisis’.

Prior to joining Westpac, he was a research assistant for Harvard University and the University of Auckland, analysing the macroeconomic effects of fiscal policy multipliers. His interests are in analysing the global and domestic macroeconomic environment, applying his passions for economics and the financial markets in forecasting the economy and making a positive impact in the economy. 



Imre Speizer - Senior Market Strategist

Imre Speizer 2017 180x180pxImre joined Westpac in 2008, and specialises in researching New Zealand’s currency and interest rate markets.

Working closely with Westpac’s economists and traders, as well as strategy colleagues globally, he delivers regular market analysis and forecasts. Prior to joining Westpac, Imre traded the currencies, interest rates, and credit products of the emerging markets of Asia and Europe, based in Hong Kong, Singapore and London for investment banks Swiss Bank/UBS and Bank of America.




 Dominick Stephens - Chief Economist (on leave - returning July 2017)

DominickStephens 140x180px

Dominick started his career at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, where he was involved in forecasting and modelling the New Zealand economy. 

Dominick joined Westpac as a Senior Economist in 2006, and became Chief Economist in 2011. His most well-known research concerns the roles of taxation, interest rates and inflation on the New Zealand housing market. He has also published research on the exchange rate, New Zealand’s labour market, and macroeconomic modelling.

Dominick's travels include crossing Mongolia on horseback, riding 1000 miles down the Peruvian Andes, and a year spent in the Amazon jungle


Anne Boniface - Senior Economist (on leave - returning January 2018)

AnneBoniface 140x180px

Anne joined Westpac as a Senior Economist in July 2010 after returning to New Zealand following a three year stint working in both the public and private sectors in London. 

Prior to that, Anne worked at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand where she undertook a variety of roles from forecasting domestic and international developments to monitoring and analysing financial markets. 

Anne's work at Westpac is a varied one, predominantly focused on forecasting and analysing developments in the New Zealand economy.