Westpac and UnionPay International (UnionPay) are pleased to announce a partnership that will enable E-Commerce customers, who use a Payment Express hosted platform, to accept UnionPay cards through their existing website payment gateway.  This functionality will be available from the 15th of March 2017 (unless we advise you otherwise).

UnionPay has the world's largest cardholder base globally and is now widely accepted in New Zealand. The ability to accept UnionPay cards may give your business the opportunity to grow by accepting payment from this expanding group of overseas customers.

For more information please see the links below:-

UnionPay FAQs

Supplementary Schedule VIII – UnionPay International E-Commerce Transactions (effective the date UnionPay transactions are activated)

A new supplementary schedule is to be added to the Merchant Credit Card Facility Agreement (MCCFA) specifically to allow the acceptance of UnionPay cards (Schedule).  The Schedule makes a number of changes to the MCCFA that are required to add UnionPay as a card scheme under the MCCFA.  The Schedule and the MCCFA will form the legal agreement between us and our merchant customers to accept and process UnionPay E-Commerce transactions.

The Schedule will apply to all E-Commerce customers, who use a Payment Express hosted platform, who have not advised us they do not wish to accept UnionPay cards from the date that the ability to accept UnionPay transactions is activated.We recommend you review the Schedule carefully.

The information on this page is a guide only. Participation in a Westpac Merchant Credit Card Facility Agreement is subject to Westpac’s approval. Westpac’s current lending criteria apply.