Westpac's current foreign exchange rates as at 08:06AM, 27 March 2015.

The exchange rates used are indicative only and subject to change without notice.
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  T/T cheques & T/C cash rate 
United States Dollar0.77410.78000.80500.7433
Pound Sterling0.52050.52460.54130.5001
Australian Dollar0.98590.99261.01840.9492
Japanese Yen92.226892.942296.008188.4081
Canadian Dollar0.96260.97021.01080.9284
Swiss Franc0.7443 0.77780.7164
Central French Pacific Franc84.8334 91.195979.1493
Danish Krone5.3288 5.0858
Fijian Dollar1.5880 1.69921.4733
Hong Kong Dollar5.97786.02436.27675.7716
Indian Rupee49.1578 46.1092
Norwegian Krone6.1352 5.8562
Pakistan Rupee79.1954 75.2959
Papua New Guinean Kina2.1126 1.9152
Philippine Peso35.1428 32.8582
Singapore Dollar1.05861.06691.11151.0190
Solomon Islands Dollar6.3039 5.4141
South African Rand9.2044 9.66478.7952
Sri Lankan Rupee103.5333 97.7782
Swedish Krona6.6638 6.3613
Thai Baht24.9989 27.498823.6223
Tongan Pa'anga1.5709 1.72801.4007
Vanuatu Vatu80.5807 76.5262
Western Samoan Tala1.9383 2.13211.7774