Westpac's current foreign exchange rates as at 08:07AM, 28 November 2014.

The exchange rates used are indicative only and subject to change without notice.
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  T/T cheques & T/C cash rate 
United States Dollar0.80590.81210.83820.7732
Pound Sterling0.51090.51490.53140.4922
Australian Dollar0.93640.94280.96730.9054
Japanese Yen94.908995.645298.800291.0859
Canadian Dollar0.91000.91720.95550.8776
Swiss Franc0.7739 0.80870.7450
Central French Pacific Franc77.7384 83.568772.5189
Danish Krone4.8166 4.5966
Fijian Dollar1.5866 1.69771.4713
Hong Kong Dollar6.21676.26526.52756.0029
Indian Rupee50.3400 47.2169
Norwegian Krone5.5924 5.3380
Pakistan Rupee82.2274 78.1859
Papua New Guinean Kina2.0960 1.9062
Philippine Peso36.5239 34.1526
Singapore Dollar1.04351.05171.09571.0046
Solomon Islands Dollar6.2464 5.2816
South African Rand8.8116 9.25228.4183
Sri Lankan Rupee106.1561 100.2639
Swedish Krona6.0105 5.7375
Thai Baht26.1729 28.790224.7352
Tongan Pa'anga1.5790 1.73691.4108
Vanuatu Vatu78.2864 75.1942
Western Samoan Tala1.9564 2.15201.7957