PDF forms

Here's a list of our most requested PDF forms. Unless otherwise specified, you will need to print and fill in the form and then take it to your nearest Westpac branch in order to complete the application. Remember to bring suitable identification with you too.

Bank accounts

To open a new personal bank account with us, fill in the Open a personal bank account form

Or for the kids, here's our  Westpac Junior Account form. Note that you will also need an IRD number application form IR 595 if your child doesn’t have an IRD number yet, and proof of ID for your child such as their passport or New Zealand birth certificate.

To open a new organisational account with us, fill in the Opening account for organisations

Existing Westpac customers only:

If you want to:

  • add or remove a signatory
  • change the current signing rule
  • change your account name or contact details

then please use one of the following forms:

Make changes to personal bank accounts form

Make changes to your business account form

If you have more than two signatories to add, then you will also need to fill in the Schedule of extra signatories form.

To authorise automatic payments, fill in the Set up of an automatic payment form.

Credit cards and Debit MasterCard

Personal customers:

To apply online for a Credit Card or Debit MasterCard you can simply fill in an application form (Credit Card application form, Debit MasterCard application form) Alternatively you can print out the below PDFs, fill them in manually and bring into a branch. 

Westpac credit card account application form

Debit MasterCard application form

Existing Westpac credit card holders only:

Request a change to your credit card account form such as increasing your credit limit, adding or removing a signatory or updating your name or address.

Use this form to change between Westpac credit cards: Change your credit card type form

Set up a credit card or CashLine direct payment using this Direct payment form

Apply to transfer your balance from another bank’s credit card to a Westpac credit card with a low interest rate.

Business customers:

MasterCard BusinessCard Account Holder application form (pdf 30kb)

MasterCard BusinessCard Cardholder application form (pdf 31kb)

Authority to accept direct debits form(pdf 25kb)

Conditions of Use brochure (pdf 135kb)