Managing Your Money workshops

Make the most of your money with our free Managing your Money workshops. If you want to learn how to budget, or want to help people in your school, church, or workplace develop effective money management skills, we cover it all.

Feel confident dealing with money matters

Our fun and interactive workshops will help you feel more confident about making decisions about money. We work with a range of organisations such as schools, employers and churches to help them develop effective money management skills for their people.

The workshops cover a whole range of topics including:

  • spending plans and budgeting
  • savings plan
  • credit cards, hire purchases, overdrafts
  • making your money go further
  • 24-hour online banking
  • compound interest: its impact on savings and debt
  • the 'leak factor'
  • retirement
  • property
  • insurance

Money management for students

We’ve got specific Manage your Money workshops tailored for senior high school students to help teach sensible everyday money matters.

Managing Your Money for small business

Building on the success of our free Managing Your Money workshops, we’ve developed specialised workshops to arm small business owners with essential financial tools to help you make the most of your money.

Find out more about our business workshops or book your workshop today

Register for a workshop

Check out the Managing Your Money workshops coming up in your area. Grab your seat using the online booking system, then share this with your family & friends via Facebook, Twitter, email or Google+ and invite them to come along too!

Or, if you've got a larger group (or if you’re an organisation) let us know and we'll see if we can come to you.

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