Kids & money

Hey kids! Here's some info to help you learn about money. And meet Hector the Dolphin! He's here to help you learn how to be safe online.

Tips on how to save up for something cool

  • keep your money in the bank so that it grows and earns interest
  • work out how much you need to save each week

Tips on how to earn extra pocket money

  • help Mum and Dad out around the house
  • think about things you could do around the neighbourhood to earn money
  • offer to do odd jobs for family or neighbours
  • have a garage sale

Hector the Dolphin’s got games and puzzles

Learn how to be safe on the Internet with cybersafe ambassador, Hector the dolphin. Join Hector and his friends in their underwater world. He’s got colouring-in books, puzzles and mini movies so check it out now.

Visit Hector’s World

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