Term investments

If you want the certainty of a fixed return and have $5,000 or more to invest, a term investment may be a great option. You can choose to invest in a term deposit or a term PIE fund. To work out how you can get a better overall return by splitting your term investment over a range of different maturity periods, try the Split Term calculator.

Did you know for term investment of one year and over, you may be able to make one withdrawal of up to 20% of your invested amount without loss of return? Conditions apply; see our Early Withdrawal Policy for details.

  1. interest rate increase

    Term deposit

    Where you deposit a lump sum, for a fixed term, and receive a fixed rate of interest.

  2. piggybank tax

    Term PIE

    An investment that works in a similar way to a term deposit but you could have the advantage of paying less tax.

  3. How can I split my Term Investment?