Limited time offer

Our Notice Saver PIE account could help you reach your savings goal faster. Hurry, this special return is only available until 31 May 2017.

How do I qualify?

Simply make a deposit into a new or existing Notice Saver PIE account (by lump sum or installments). The 3.44% p.a. return applies to new funds deposited and held in your Notice Saver PIE account between 1 March 2017 and 31 May 2017.

  Actual Return Effective Return*
30% Tax Payer
Effective Return*
33% Tax Payer
Limited Time Special Offer 3.20% p.a. 3.29% p.a. 3.44% p.a.
Funds on Notice** 0.75% p.a. 0.77% p.a. 0.81% p.a.


The benefit of a Notice Saver PIE account is it allows you to focus on saving towards a particular goal, as you need to provide 32 days’ notice before you can make a withdrawal. As a reward, earn a term deposit sized return with potential tax savings too.

This special rate is only available from 1 March until 31 May 2017. So the sooner you deposit, the more your money will be rewarded.

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